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Welcome to Vexing GEARS.

Welcome to Dodge City, the year is 20XX, and technology is at one of its finest times. With the invention of the G.E.A.R.S. (Generative Electrical Armored Reflex System) the entertainment and society have evolved greatly. Meet Kuroi Hitsuji, a young highschool student attending Dodge City Highschool, and even with the G.E.A.R. System in place, highschool is still hell... Especially when if you happen to look like Kuroi... But when the young student recieves a G.E.A.R. that was a momeneto from a passed away relative, things just get even worse for Kuroi Hitsuji! With crazy-in-the-head students, holographic viruses, and a number of G.E.A.R. users coming out of the dark corners of society, this high school life for Kuroi Hitsuji just got more exciting!

Hello everyone!

I have finally decided to post pages of the comic twice a week, at least until I get the first chapter done with. So, enjoy!

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Finally here!

And here we are, a day and page early, I hope you all will enjoy this new web-comic, so please fave it and be sure to keep an eye out for more updates over the next few days. I'm hoping to instill interest by having quick updates.

So please comment and fave this comic!


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